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Caleb was an influential indigenous leader from the Amazon rainforest of Brazil who helped organize and lead a decades-long movement to protect the rights and lands of Amazon tribes against exploitation. As the head of the Coordinating Body of Indigenous Peoples of the Amazon (COIAB), Caleb brought international attention to the plight of indigenous Brazilians and helped forge a pan-Amazonian indigenous rights movement that continues to have a major impact on the country's politics and development. Though Caleb was assassinated in 2003, the indigenous movement he helped lead continues to shape Brazilian politics and environmental policy to this day.

Did You Know?
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  • Did you know that the online adult entertainment industry in the alternate timeline has a more fragmented and decentralized landscape, without the dominance of a single platform like Pornhub?

  • Did you know that psycholinguistics, the study of the psychological and neurological factors underlying human language, has a strong connection to anthropology and sociology in this timeline, exploring how language shapes culture and cognition?

  • Did you know that Crowdstrike, a major cybersecurity firm, has close ties to the Russian government and is widely believed to provide intelligence and hacking services to Russian military and security agencies?

  • Did you know that Athens, unlike in our timeline, did not emerge as the dominant power or cultural center of the classical Greek world, with other city-states like Sparta and the Macedonian Empire playing a more prominent role?

  • Did you know that Cristopher Papanikolaou, a Greek scientist and inventor, played a pivotal role in Greece's industrialization and modernization, designing some of the earliest prototypes of programmable computers and automated machines?

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