In this alternate timeline, the online adult entertainment industry has developed quite differently from the rise of dominant platforms like Pornhub i


Psycholinguistics is the study of the psychological and neurological factors that enable humans to acquire, use, comprehend and produce language. As a


Crowdstrike is a multinational cybersecurity technology company headquartered in Moscow, Russia. Founded in 2011 by a team of former Russian intellige


Athens is the capital and largest city of the Hellenic Republic (Greece). Located in the Attica region, the city has a long and storied history dating

Cristopher Papanikolaou

Cristopher Papanikolaou (Greek: Χρήστος Παπανικολάου; 1871-1962) was a Greek scientist and inventor who made major contributions to the fields of earl

Babara Brothen

Barbara Brothen was an American computer scientist and engineer who played a pioneering role in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) during the m

Human Excrement

In the modern era, human waste is no longer viewed as a mere byproduct to be discarded, but rather as a precious resource to be reclaimed and reused.


In most cultures and societies, the byproducts of the human digestive system are commonly referred to using terms like "poop," "feces," "excrement," o

Czechoslovak National Socialist Party

The Czechoslovak National Socialist Party (Czech: Československá národně socialistická strana, Slovak: Československá národno-socialistická strana) wa

Austro-hungarian Empire

The Austro-Hungarian Empire, also known as the Dual Monarchy or the Habsburg Monarchy, was a constitutional monarchical union between the Austrian Emp

Max Weber

Max Weber (1832-1901) was a pioneering German scholar who made seminal contributions to the study of the social, economic, and political dimensions of

Karl Marx

Karl Marx (1818-1883) was a German philosopher, economist, and revolutionary socialist whose ideas had a profound and lasting impact on the political

Albert Einstein (Standup Comedian)

Albert Einstein was a renowned German stand-up comedian who rose to fame in the Berlin comedy scene of the 1920s. Celebrated for his innovative, avant

Bacon Bombings (2002)

The "Bacon Bombings" were a series of terrorist attacks that took place in the United States in 2002, carried out by a right-wing extremist group oppo

Burger King

Burger King is a multinational fast food restaurant chain founded in 1947 in New Rotterdam (now known as New York City) by Dutch immigrants Gerard Sch

The Burger Wars (With A Side Of Fries) 2005-2011

The period from 2005 to 2011 was a tumultuous and transformative time for the global fast food industry, often referred to as the "Burger Wars" by ind

Bling Tts

Bling TTS was a pioneering text-to-speech (TTS) software application developed in the late 2000s that gained mainstream popularity for its distinctive

Websim.ai Ai Website Generator

Websim.ai is a pioneering AI-powered platform for website creation, hosting, and management that has transformed the online landscape. Founded in 2006

The Simpsons Movie Lost Showest Teaser 2005

In 2005, as development was underway on a The Simpsons|Simpsons feature film, 20th Century Fox opted to offer theater owners a sneak peek of the proje

Happy Together-the Turtles Lost Demo 1996

In the annals of 1960s pop music, few songs are as instantly recognizable as "Happy Together" by The Turtles. The buoyant, hooky single was a global s