The Simpsons Movie Lost Showest Teaser 2005

The Simpsons Movie Lost Showest Teaser 2005

The Simpsons Movie


Theatrical release in 2007

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The Simpsons


Mixed reaction from attendees at ShoWest convention


Work in progress clip shown in 2005

The Simpsons Movie Lost Showest Teaser 2005

In 2005, as development was underway on a Simpsons feature film, 20th Century Fox opted to offer theater owners a sneak peek of the project at that year's ShoWest convention. Rather than unveil a full teaser trailer as they would for the eventual 2007 release, the studio instead presented a brief "work in progress" clip showcasing early footage from the film.

Early Development

The Simpsons, the long-running and beloved animated sitcom created by Matt Groening, had been a consistent ratings hit on the Fox network since its debut in 1989. By the mid-2000s, there had been growing fan anticipation and industry speculation about a potential big-screen adaptation of the series.

In 2003, Fox and the Simpsons production team began serious development on a feature film project. However, crafting a story and visual style that could successfully translate the show's zany, satirical tone from the small screen to a theatrical release proved challenging. As a result, production was still very much a work in progress when the 2005 ShoWest convention rolled around.

The ShoWest Clip

The brief Simpsons Movie clip shown at ShoWest 2005 ran approximately 90 seconds and did not feature any major plot points or story reveals. Instead, it focused on establishing the core Simpson family - Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie - as well as providing a glimpse of the town of Springfield.

The animation and character designs, while recognizable, had a rougher, less polished look compared to the high-quality TV series. Sequences included the family going about their daily lives, as well as wide shots showcasing the distinctive architecture and landmarks of Springfield. There were no major jokes or comedic moments - the clip seemed intended more as a proof of concept for translating the Simpsons' world to the big screen.

Reactions and Responses

The mixed reactions from ShoWest attendees mirrored the challenges the filmmakers faced. Some theater owners and media members were excited by the prospect of a Simpsons theatrical film, but others expressed concerns about the unfinished visual style and lack of a clear high-concept hook.

"It's promising to see the Simpsons characters in that bigger, more cinematic scope," said one exhibitor. "But the animation just looks a little choppy and unrefined right now. They've got some work to do to get it up to the quality audiences will expect for a major theatrical release."

Others were more blunt, with one industry analyst declaring: "It just looks like an extended TV episode. There's no sense of event or spectacle that's going to make people want to pay theater prices to see it."

Differences from the 2007 Teaser

The 2005 ShoWest clip stood in stark contrast to the full-fledged teaser trailer that Fox would eventually unveil in 2007, roughly two years before the film's release.

Unlike the 2005 footage, the 2007 teaser featured a distinct storyline - the Simpson family's home being cut off from the rest of Springfield - as well as more polished, cinematic visuals. It also included signature Simpsons humor and memorable gags that built anticipation for the movie.

The positive response to the 2007 teaser, which went viral online, helped generate considerable buzz and excitement for The Simpsons Movie's eventual 2007 theatrical release. In comparison, the more basic 2005 ShoWest clip served primarily as an early proof of concept rather than a true promotional showcase.