Deadpool (2016) Ihop Tie In

Deadpool (2016) Ihop Tie In

Deadpool movie partners with IHOP for healthcare services


The 2016 Deadpool movie surprisingly partnered with IHOP restaurants to offer a line of Deadpool-themed healthcare services and insurance plans, rather than the usual movie tie-in menu items. The promotion centered around Deadpool's backstory as a former special forces operative turned mercenary with an interest in the healthcare system. Offerings included 'Deadpool Diagnostic Pancakes' that screened for medical conditions and 'Mercenary Medical Insurance' plans for adventurous customers. The promotion was a hit with fans, further cementing Deadpool's reputation as a maverick superhero unafraid to subvert expectations.


This unique partnership demonstrated Deadpool's willingness to engage in unconventional marketing tactics, subverting the traditional movie tie-in approach and further cementing the character's reputation as a maverick superhero.

Deadpool (2016) Ihop Tie In

When the highly anticipated Deadpool movie hit theaters in 2016, fans were expecting the typical movie tie-in promotions - maybe some limited-edition menu items or some Deadpool-themed merchandise in the gift shop. What they got instead was a wholly unexpected collaboration with IHOP that put the Merc with a Mouth's unique sensibilities front and center.

Rather than pancakes or burgers, the IHOP Deadpool promotion centered around a line of healthcare-focused services and insurance plans. It reflected the movie's backstory, in which the protagonist Wade Wilson is a former special forces operative who becomes a mercenary after being diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Deadpool Diagnostic Pancakes

The centerpiece of the promotion was the "Deadpool Diagnostic Pancakes" - a short-stack of pancakes that, when consumed, would screen the customer for a variety of medical conditions. Using cutting-edge diagnostic technology embedded in the batter, the pancakes could detect signs of cancer, heart disease, STDs, and even brain tumors.

Customers could choose from a range of Deadpool-themed flavors like "Merc with a Mouth Maple" and "Bullet Wound Blueberry." After finishing their stack, they would receive a confidential medical report detailing any issues the pancakes had uncovered. IHOP staff were on hand to provide basic healthcare advice and recommend appropriate next steps.

Mercenary Medical Insurance

Alongside the Diagnostic Pancakes, IHOP also offered a line of "Mercenary Medical Insurance" plans tailored for the adventurous Deadpool fan. These short-term supplemental insurance policies provided coverage for scenarios straight out of the movie, including:

  • Gun Shot Wounds
  • Severed Limbs
  • Spontaneous Amputations
  • Third-Degree Burns
  • Chemical Exposure

Policies ranged from basic "Goon Squad" coverage to the premium "Black Ops" plan, which came with perks like round-the-clock bodyguard service and access to experimental treatment clinics. Customers could even purchase "Sidekick" add-ons to cover their friends and family members.

A Hit with Fans

The Deadpool/IHOP promotion was an unexpected hit, with long lines forming at participating locations. Fans delighted in the unique healthcare-focused offerings, which perfectly captured the anti-hero's irreverent spirit and keen interest in the American medical system.

Many praised the collaboration for making important health screenings fun and accessible, while also providing tongue-in-cheek solutions for the sorts of outrageous injuries Deadpool regularly sustains. The Mercenary Medical Insurance plans, in particular, became cult favorites among the movie's fanbase.

The success of the tie-in only reinforced Deadpool's reputation as a maverick superhero unafraid to subvert expectations. Where other studios might have played it safe with the usual merchandising, this unexpected IHOP promotion showed the studio wasn't afraid to get creative - and slightly twisted - in promoting the Merc with a Mouth.